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Shine-Box Radio International Summer Movie Throw-Down. Part one.

Summer Movies are a Reyes Family staple. We go to alot of them. We are complete geek-wads, as you will hear in our Summer Movie Throw-Down Part One.

About the Podcast it self. I have a new voice over intro and a new official Shine-Box Radio International outro! Crazy! I opine on some movies and such and then my kids kill the levels on this one. It would be best if you listened to it on your computer or with can-head phones not buds like I did. OMG.

But it is funny. If you like annoying teenagers being annoyingly funny.

Give it whirl and don’t forget to comment and pass it on.
Listen to it here.

I push REM’s new album on this one. “Oh, My Heart” is a first single off of it and if you haven’t heard it yet you can hear it here. and you can buy it here.

Also we have a couple of songs from the new ROME album by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi with help from Jack White and Norah Jones. Buy it here.

Okay. More Later.

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SUPER 8 Review

I assume that you have read them all, the other reviews of this movie and most of them are right, some of them are cynical and some are just wrong. Super 8 IS a great Summer Popcorn movie. J. J. Abrams brings it home, well most of the way, at least, and what a home it is.

This movie isn’t ET, as some would have you think and although it does have a certain ET stink to it. It is a full on monster movie, like Gremlins was a monster movie, Super 8 is just that but not as cuddly or silly or funny.

It can be compared to a truly sinister version of The Goonies or War Games or Stand By Me. A pack of small town Monster kids are ready to spend their Summer making a Zombie short with their Super 8 camera (hence the title) and are put through the ringer, first as they are caught in an amazingly spectacular train crash and then later as a shambling unknown being stumbles it’s way though their town and their young teen lives, destroying property, making pets disappear, eating things. Then the Army shows up. All this while their young lives are already covered in the misery of broken homes and strained parental relations.

The movie is chock-full of stuff that made the Spielberg movies of the 70’s and 80’s, of which this is a homage, so damn fun. Real people, with real issues stuck in strange, almost impossible times and places. At anytime during the movie, you could almost catch Sheriff Brody or Roy Neary out of the corner of your eye, just as all hell breaks loose.

And that’s problem with Super 8, it is such a homage that it starts to lose some credibility and becomes a cypher to all that came before it, but before you suck your breath though your teeth, it’s really not that big of a problem, it’s more like a pet peeve.

What this movie is, is FUN. Capital F-U-N and also poignant and cool. it is what all Summer Movies hope to be, exciting, engaging, romantic and wonderful summer confections. it is more than the sum of it’s parts.

Go see it. See it before it’s out of the theaters and buy popcorn and ju-ju fruits and a giant soda and sit in the front row like you did when you were a kid, with school over and the summer just begun.

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X-Men First Class: The Best X-Men Movie Ever….

That title says it all. A far-cry from what I was calling this movie when I first heard of it. Even when critics started shouting this film’s action-y greatness, I was more than surprised and although, some might disagree with me, thinking that first or the second were better paced or executed. They would be wrong and of course the third is right out.

Now I am not a critic, I am more than that. I am a comics fan, well versed in X-Men lore, something that let’s me get to the bottom of this particular Summer confection as no other. That being said, this movie is the Atomic Blockbuster of X-Men movies.

A perfect Super-hero movie where the caution of skipping around the unbelievability of super-powers, is thrown to the wind. Much in the way that Japanese Anime treats the genre, with no excuses or cheap smirks or asides. Like the Grandfather of the these films Superman: The Movie it calls out to the audience, IN THIS WORLD SUPER POWERS EXIST, BELIEVE IT and from the first few emotional frames, of X-Men: First Class we do.

This Super-Hero movie is soaked in emotions. Fear, love, hate, anger, vengeance, the human need to just belong, it is all there and bared raw. Michael Fassbender is a thrill as a pre-Magento, ‘James Bond’ like mutant Nazi Hunter Erik Lahnsherr, globe-trotting on the trail of a master villain, dastardly played by Kevin Bacon and his mysterious team of evil mutants. Erik partners up with James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier, to catch him with the help of the CIA and their own team of young mutants culled from both the Movie and Comic Cannon.

I want to push on Matthew Vaughn’s direction and say that he did some wonderful things and some
actor’s did better with it than others. I found McAvoy’s Prof. X to be more human and real than that of Patrick Stewart’s smooth take on the venerable Marvel character, and yet I found Hollywood darling Rose Bryne’s Moira MacTaggart to be out of place, flat and wasted. You Can’t have everything.

X-Men: First Class was well paced, well acted, well storied and worth seeing. Put all the other X-Men movies behind you, the past is prologue, this one is the real thing, with one of the best
cameos in any Marvel Comics Movie, ever. See it now, before next week, it’s a really busy Summer.

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The one about Spaghetti Westerns and ROME…

Fan of Spaghetti Westerns? Well, I am! So is Super DJ Danger Mouse and his pal Daniele Luppi. They collaborated on a homage to the music from those singular movies, with the help of a slew of the original musicians that worked on them and Jack White and Nora Jones. Listen to it on NPR here.
NPR First Listen – ROME

Listen to the Shine-Box Radio International Podcast on it and Westerns in general, here! >
Shine-box episode 2 – Westerns

Also if you want to learn more about Young the Giant, ’cause they RAWK, go here!

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I have been slackin’ off….

And those chickens have come home to roost.

“Wait?” you ask, “What chickens? There where chickens? Who’s chickens, roosting here be?”

Well you ask a lot of questions, Interwebs, you are a tiny bit nosey, no? And yet here are the answers.

I started this thing to be a kinda, humor, State-of-My-State-of-Mind-type, loosey-goosey, happy-go-lucky-fun-time, thing. It was never supposed to have a purpose other than to entertain me. Ya know?

Except, that the two times I have done it, it kinda gave me a good feeling, an over all, this-isn’t-bad-I-should-do-more-of-this, kinda feeling. I tend to run away from anything that makes me feel good about myself, on account of my growing up a poor geek Dominican child in the wild 1970’s-80’s Brooklyn, BUT ENOUGH OF MY SELF CONTEMPT!

Here tis! My soul lay’d bare! that’s right I typed lay’d on purpose! Six Pod casts in Three weeks! Starting this Sat. the 7th, I will plug in and record 2 Pod casts by the next Sunday, and oh, they will be RICH.

I will have guests. I will say things. I will play music and you will be ENTERTAINED.

Can you dig it?

I thought you could.

More later…

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My Wife reminded me of the most HEINOUS Starbucks story that I have ever witnessed.

And this is it, it pretty heinous.

I was online at a busy Starbucks in NYC, a tall and pretty blonde walks in skipping everyone behind me and asks the attractive brunette in front of me, not ME BTW, the young lady in front of me, if she wouldn’t mind letting her go ahead because her BOYFRIEND was WAITING for her. Yah sister so is my girlfriend, Morgan Fairchild.

The Brunette, who was chopping away at her Blackberry, paused to say NO, (AS IF?! AM I RIGHT?) that her boss was a bear and was already shitting on her for taking too long with his coffee. The Blonde, pouts and starts to look around for a next victim, when the older gentleman in front of the brunette says, I am not shittin’ you;

“Here, get in front of me, a beautiful woman such as YOURSELF, shouldn’t have to wait behind a woman like her.

and then the Tall, pretty young lady was whisked by a man obviously twice her age to the front of the line, where they joked and laughed and giggled and flirted, while the brunette sobbed quietly and my jaw dropped. Now that is one of the shittiest stories I have ever witnessed and I warned you.

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The FIRST EVER Shine-box podcast. FOR REALS THIS TIME…

The moment you might have been or not been waiting for! The first ever podcast! I mean it this time. over 30 min. of ME and a hot song by the awesome Limousines! Listen to the Podcast, let me know what you think. ENJOY!

Listen to it here!

More to come…

Check out the Limousines.

Check out the video for “internet killed the Video Star” here.

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Why You Should Hurry-up and Watch FRINGE Already…

Why? ‘Cause it’s Cool as F*ck that is why.

Stop falling into the trap that it’s a poor X-Files rip-off, Fringe shares many elements of that show in particular but also borrows from great buddy and cop shows in general. The cast is outstanding, the stories always rewarding, and FRINGE like the best Sci-Fi series tries it best to reach past the gobbledygook of tech-speak, fantastic, often unreal situations and grabs you where you really watch Television, your heart and your balls.

That old excuse of “But it’s been on for 3 seasons! How can I ever catch up!?” Guess what? I started watching FRINGE deep into it’s season season by catching it free online, and renting it from Netflix and Blockbuster. The best part of the rental, no commercials. This deep immersion helped me understand the characters, plot and situations better and I was completely caught up with the show in a matter of days.

Need more help? Here you go!

First Ten Episodes of the show. >

Also for your listening pleasure, a preview of my next podcast intro, my Impersonation of Walter Bishop!



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Letterman and the Twilight Pony.

My Daughter calls Kristen Stewart from the Twilight Saga ( bwhahah), the Twilight Pony. I know it’s funny yet also a little sad.

Why? Entertainment Weekly said that the next movie will show everyone that she was more than one trick Twilight pony. BLAH. Girl can actually act. She has done a lot of shit that can be called committed acting, even Good. Check out herĀ  IMDB page. I’ll wait.

See. Right? She needs to shed this Twilight bullshit and get to work and yet she shows up on Letterman, looking like a wet dog and showing a clip where she hugs people. ugh. Poor Twilight Pony, someday she will be a real girl.

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Proto-Cast! Try it, before you buy it!

My bullshit, that is. Try my bullshit before you buy my bullshit. ( Ha! It’s a joke. )

Here are the why’s and wherefores. What is this podcast about anyway? Who is to blame for
this horseshit? Why can’t I get my money back for this garbage? Some of these questions will
be answered! Actually maybe just one or two. SOOOO, Sit back relax and get ready to post
horrible troll-like comments that I will then delete. Proto-Cast!

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